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Dr. Patkar's Apple Cider Vinegar with Garlic, Ginger, Lemon and Honey (500ml)

  • Price: 950
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    • Clears Heartblockages
    • Reduces Cholesterol
    • Helps reduce weight
    • Controls blood pressure

Dr. Patkar’s Apple Cider Vinegar Heart Remedy is a special formulation of Apple Cider Vinegar with Ginger, Garlic, Lemon, and Honey. This vinegar is specially formulated to manage the heart disease and is best suited for the people over 30 years with a family history of heart problems or for the senior people who desires to take extra care of their heart. This formulation contains 4 traditional herbs which works in synergy in Heart Health. Apple Cider Vinegar –Helps to make your body alkaline. Ginger –Strengthens Heart, Improves blood flow. Garlic –Anti-Clotting Properties, Lowers blood pressure. Lemon –Heart Healthy Minerals, Healthy blood vessels. Honey –Gives Energy, Reduces Cholesterol Who can consume it ---- • Those diagnosed with Heart diseases • People aged above 25 with stressful lifestyle • Those who want to avoid By-Pass Surgery OR Angioplasty • Those whose parents have history of Heart Disease • Those who can’t go for by-pass surgery because of other health issues • Also can be taken as prevention for repeated Heart attack Dosage : Morning: 3tsp (15ML) in a Glass of warm water in the morning 20-30min. before Breakfast.

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Pratik Sawant - 09-10-2018

All in one for joint pain,cholesterol,body cleansing etc

This is superb for weight loss,bile stones,good for cholesterol,might also help in joint pain as ACV has anti inflammatory properties plus it has ginger and garlic which are also an Ayurvedic medicine for joint pain,overall its awesome bit costly,but moneys worth i think so,most imp part handle the bottle with care,its too brittle.

sirisha - 07-10-2018

Use this regularly for best results

This product is really useful for weight loss and also solves many health problems, my husband used continuously for 40days,he lost 5kilos weight.

SGR - 01-10-2018

Health is wealth

I used this product earlier 2 years back.

Sunil sharma - 28-09-2018

Five Stars

Good product great delivery

Vikram singh - 19-09-2018

Nice product

Good product

Pooja Chandran - 09-09-2018

Nice product

Really nice product.worth for my money.Reduce appetite,stomach upset,weight...Love this product.Gud result in short period of time along with diet and exercise for weight loss

Aathavan.A - 04-09-2018

Good Product

It's a great health tonic for maintain the body.

Prashant - 01-09-2018

Excellent Product

Excellent Product. My cholesterol level was high around 200 but with in 3 months, my cholestrerol level normal and come down 111. I am very happy. I used to take this every morning before brush in hot water.

Alchlonist Vaz - 06-08-2018

must buy for everyone

must buy for everyone

Varun - 01-08-2018

Quality product, 100 times better than cheap alternatives

Loved the taste. Feels like a genuine product. You will get the same products at half prices or even for Rs 300. But this is a quality product, unmatchable.

Solsys Tec - 06-07-2018

starsFour Stars

Does the job. Smells odd though.

Siraj - 30-06-2018

Five Stars

Its good

Umesh - 26-06-2018

Good Product

It really worked for me. I was taking medicine for BP for last 20 years and after using this product my steady BP reading now is 130/90 taken at different times and different days and different cities having differing climatic condition. My doctor has told me to stop taking medicine to avoid low BP condition. I also noticed that I can take morning walk up to 4 Kms. without break at different pace which was difficult and tiring for me earlier. So I would say it worked for my body. Others can give a try as it is just a harmless drink without any side effects. I have used it for 3 months initially and noticed the effects and using continuously now after discontinuing it for one and a half months.

Sachin - 25-06-2018


My mother in law is a heart patient she used to have chest pain very frequently in spite of taking medicine regularly. She is taking this medicine along with her other medicine. Now she is far more better.She is having chest pain very very rarely.

Gourmet - 16-06-2018



Siddharth - 15-03-2018

Dr.Patkar's Apple Cider Vinegar with Garlic, Lemon and Honey

Very beneficial product! However, this product costs TWICE as much as its competition! Price may be downward reviewed!

Unni Kaimal - 26-02-2018

Five Stars


Bibhu K. - 23-02-2018

Five Stars

Good product, and actually works.

Krishnadas - 12-02-2018

Five Stars

Great product. Felt immediate relief for heart burning sensation. Sleep is also harmonized. Overall very positive effect.

Dr saurabh saha - 16-01-2018

Alarmingly good

I decided not to waste it by drinking it with water. It will enhance the taste of any chutney??! Yah Crushed flaxseed salt and dr patnar. Try it No one lives forever but memories do...?? The packing... Seeing for the first time..Reflects commitment towards quality controle and quality assurance

Jay - 07-01-2018



Gaurav - 03-01-2018

four stars

Could have been better

Saish K. - 01-01-2018

Five Stars

Excellent product.. Give it a try.. you won't regret

Chittu - 24-12-2017

Five Stars


Shakti Ahuja - 10-12-2017

Five Stars

Vry affected good

Mithlesh Pal - 06-12-2017

Five Stars

Nice product!!

sumit - 01-12-2017

four stars


renu - 01-12-2017

four stars


narendra choudhary - 17-11-2017

Five Stars


anudeep - 13-11-2017

It?s like God Gift

I suggest everyone which suffering from heart blockages. Amazing

Shubhu - 28-10-2017

Pure and quality beast

Good product specailly for heart and dibaitics patients. Its removes bad clolestrol and control bp and diabetics. Avoid to get blokage in your heart. The quality and purfication is very high.

Ram - 27-10-2017

Yet to observe the results

I've started using it for the past 1 week. Seems to be good and genuine product. Taste is ok, strong flavour of ginger and garlic is dominant. Actual results (blood cholesterol level) can only be ascertained only after prolonged use.

Prakash H S - 20-10-2017

Five Stars

excellent packing&taste ok

G.Ravichandran - 13-10-2017

four stars

It?s good

J prajan - 05-10-2017

Five Stars

Good quality product

Shyam Sunder - 23-09-2017

Five Stars

the best product

Sonia - 17-09-2017

Five Stars


Abhijit Majumdar - 02-09-2017

Recommended to many

I have been taking it for quite sometimes. Appears to be effective. Recommended to many.

sivananthan - 04-08-2017

Five Stars

Good For Helth

mrs. kesar thakore - 02-07-2017

very effective

I am taking this syrup from last 7/8 months , it's very nice , day by day I m improving my health, it's good by every way. ?????must buy. Thanx

Anurag Khanna - 02-06-2017


Excellent Product

Aditya s. Jagdale - 30-05-2017

Five Stars

Nice product...compare to other test is good

Ravs Asani - 20-05-2017

Useful product

Helped in improving immunity.. Experienced its impact while doing long runs.

Pravin - 06-05-2017

Good ,costly

Excellent quality, good taste, but too costly, for a month need two bottles , it's cost 1900 , for any reason that is too much. But as i said taste is very good than any product available in the market, quality too...

ANIL KUMAR K - 02-05-2017


The best remedy for digestive disorder and constipation, which is the root cause of all diseases; great product, and i am fully satisfied

SAJAL KUMAR SAHA - 26-04-2017

Five Stars

Its an excellent product

Inderpal Singh - 17-03-2017

four stars

Good Product but costly.

Abhijit Das - 03-03-2017

received the product late on reordering but I am happy on the second stance as the package done was

Though I received the product late on reordering but I am happy on the second stance as the package done was really nice and the product is also nice The taste is also very good but need to see the result yet.

zeenal - 01-03-2017

im using it from last 2 months good result, weight decreased feeling active all the day

im using it from last 2 months good result,weight decreased feeling active all the day,but now im trying to order one more 500ml bottle but its not available we have to buy 500mlX2 bottle at a time its around 1900/- its difficult to afford that much money beter they provide 500ml bottle its will be helpfull for many peoples,

Ilavenil R. - 27-02-2017

Five Stars

Kindly stick a sticker saying open with care, my dad opened it carelessly and the bottle broke.

Deepak G - 12-01-2017

Must Buy

Very effective..cures every thing U can feel it Must buy

Shrikant - 29-12-2016

four stars


vamshi - 28-12-2016

four stars

V good

RAMPRASAD - 08-12-2016

Five Stars

This is very effective. Since using this I never had any in-disgestion problem or Cold

Srinath - 06-12-2016

Five Stars

Good one

P N PAI - 30-11-2016

Nice product

Nice product

Vijay Bhintade - 16-11-2016

Five Stars


Keshav - 27-10-2016

Five Stars

Good product and good safe packing thanks amesan..

Nandu - 16-10-2016

Amazing product. I am taking everyday morning 15ml in

Amazing product.I am taking everyday morning 15ml in empty stomach. It gives me whole day very brisk and feeling very light in my body.NO side effects. My cholesterol and sugar levels come down.I am taking ACV also in the afternoon.congrats to Dr.Parker.

Aditya - 06-10-2016

Five Stars

Good product

SP Sankar - 04-10-2016

Good For Heart

Good Quality, Many time i prepared in home, this item with same taste

raghav - 27-09-2016

Five Stars

Excellent product and prompt seller

Eddie - 27-09-2016

Go for it

Using since a month. Waiting for results. Pros: Packaging Quality

VENKAT NISHTALA - 20-09-2016

four stars

A very useful product for people with diabetes

Shekhar - 18-09-2016

Five Stars


Padmanabhan V R - 20-08-2016

four stars

It was very useful.

sejal - 16-08-2016

Effective Product

Product & Delivery Process is so good and infective But cost is too high.

s k majumdar - 13-08-2016

Five Stars

very good

PCS - 13-08-2016

four stars

Goo for the health

Chetan - 11-07-2016

Five Stars

It's worth

varma cak - 09-07-2016

Rate to reduce

Works excellent.lot of difference in 45 days.req to reduce cost for regular users.

krishna - 07-07-2016

Five Stars


Gururajan Venkataraman - 06-07-2016

Five Stars

Good one, does what it says

Rithu - 04-07-2016

Five Stars

worth buying healthwise and wealthwise

Bhaskar - 30-06-2016

Dr. Patkar's ACV Garlic Honey is a good formulae.


Ganesh - 07-06-2016

Five Stars

Excellent Product & Packing delivered even before promised date.

Poomari - 13-05-2016

four stars

After taking this I feel very comfortable and feel fresh.

ved - 17-04-2016

four stars

product is good.

guru pratap - 13-04-2016

Five Stars

Good product, giving result

Ayub khan - 01-04-2016

great but expensive

it's very good medicine undoubtedly but the price of this product is very high considering the items used in this medicine are not so expensive or rare. overall it's a great product. the seller must reduce its price.

Moses - 28-03-2016

Four stars

It shows some improvement.

Sanjay - 20-03-2016

Good Product

Very good product. Very quick delivery.

gadget king - 07-03-2016

goood one

really potent but not sure about the cost

jivan - 26-02-2016

Five Stars


Phaneesh Prahlad - 21-02-2016

Very happy and ordered one more bottle

Product does what it says. Very happy and ordered one more bottle.