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Dr. Patkar's Apple Cider Vinegar with Mother (500ml)

  • Price: 550
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    • Helps Digestion, relieves in Acidity & Gas
    • Alkalizes The Body
    • Helps with Constipation
    • Helps dissolving Kidney & Gall Bladder Stones
    • Enhances weight loss

Dr. Patkar’s Apple Cider Vinegar with Mother is made by crushing fresh, organically grown apples after allowing them to mature in wooden barrels. When the vinegar matures, it contains a dark, cloudy, web-like bacterial foam called the Mother.This is the sign that the friendly enzymes and bacteria that promote healing have not been removed. ACV is acidic in nature, but when consumed it has an alkaline effect on our body. Acetic acid in vinegar has the ability to kill “bad” bacteria and at the same time, foster the growth of beneficial “good” bacteria. Because acetic acid kills unwanted bacteria when it comes into contact with it, it essentially acts as a natural antibiotic. This means Apple Cider Vinegar naturally provides numerous benefits related to skin, digestion and immunity health without any side effects. Benefits of ACV : • Helps Digestion, relieves in Acidity & Gas • Alkalizes The Body • Helps with Constipation • Helps dissolving Kidney & Gall Bladder Stones Dosage of Apple Cider Vinegar:- 3Tsp.(15ml) in a glass of water ½ before breakfast. 3 Tsp. (15ml) in a glass of water ½ before Lunch.( carry diluted bottle(plastic is ok) if you are in office) 3 Tsp.(15ml) in a glass of water ½ before Dinner

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Srinivas - 30-10-2018


Can be trusted , I have use since last 6 months

R.Vadivale - 21-10-2018

good vendor

Product is good. Despatch was fast

sagar - 09-10-2018



Afroze Sultana - 09-10-2018


Its a good product

shweta - 06-10-2018


Best ACV available in India

Mohammad Arish - 26-08-2018

Good quality apple cider vinegar

One of the best acv's in the market and that too with mother.i am using it for my acne and sometimes i use it for my stomach problems and it's very helpful.

D - 10-08-2018

It is nice

It is nice by patkar .

Purnachandra - 06-08-2018

ACV uses

Excellent product

Hardik - 24-07-2018

starsHave it first thing in the morning..

Love it...

Vinay Pagare - 27-06-2018

Best Product for Body Cleansing

I liked this product very much. It has improved my digestion & I am feeling very light as it has cleaned all toxin from my body

shamik tokdar - 21-06-2018


As usual a great product, helps controlling my cholesterol as well as sugar

Souban shaikh - 17-06-2018

five stars

best product for health ........

Joe - 30-04-2018

five stars

Reduced my acidity to a great extent.

Gaurav Mishra - 12-04-2018

Natural Product with Health Benefits

Recieved with Good packaging. Excellent taste with health benefits after regular use.

Deepanjan Sarkar - 11-04-2018

Best Apple Cider Vinegar

Very useful and good quality product

Rishabh - 05-04-2018

My dad uses it regularly and is very happy with the quality and has experienced it's benefits

My dad uses it regularly and is very happy with the quality and has experienced it's benefits as well.

Day dreamer - 31-03-2018

four stars

nice product

Ravi R - 21-02-2018

Awesome product

I have started using this product since last one month and I assure you its not any paid review. This vinegar has really helped me in my stomach problems like gas formation and bloating. I have consumed 2 bottle qnd I would highly recommend to those who have less physical activity to include this vinagar therapy in their routine. You will definitely feel the difference.

Vonnie Faroqui - 23-01-2018


Excellent product. Using it and the recipes provided for diabetic tonic with great success for in-between-meal reduction of sugar testing.

Yash Bhalekar - 17-01-2018

five stars

Mast re

Ashwini S. - 16-01-2018

five stars

Very good.

SHAILESH narang - 13-01-2018

five stars

i love it

D V Pawar - 13-12-2017

Good product for health conscious folks

Good product though how do you judge such products effectiveness is a question but nonetheless seems good going by literature available on ACV

Rithu - 04-11-2017

five stars

very good product. great quality and taste.

Renuka - 27-10-2017

good product

Prompt delivery... good product.

M M - 19-10-2017

four stars

Good but price should be less.

Poornima Prakash - 19-10-2017

five stars

Good product

mehul - 14-10-2017

Treat your Acne with this product

Natural best ACV without any adulteration. Met the purpose for fat reduction and acne treatment

suraj - 08-10-2017

five stars

excellent product

Reshma - 05-10-2017

five stars

good product

Ganesh Nagare - 07-07-2017


Parking was good product is good and effective

rithu - 22-06-2017

five stars

Excellent Product

varu - 25-05-2017

five stars

Its very useful. It heping me a lot

md rashid hussain - 17-05-2017

five stars

i like it

Medz d diva - 29-04-2017

Quality you can trust and its in a glass bottle well packed..

Really pure and good quality Acv..Proud to know that acv is a part of our indian ayurveda..frm 3000 yrs.. Comes in a glass bottle which is most important.

Britto - 24-04-2017

five stars


sid - 14-04-2017

five stars

very nice

AB - 06-04-2017

Excellent product

Excellent product. there are many benefits of Apple cider Vinegar. Was happy to see a genuine product. Excellent packing from this seller 'Natures shopy'. Suggested..

ankita - 21-03-2017

five stars


Seeta - 20-02-2017

five stars

Improved my skin texture within 2 weeks!!!

mithun - 11-02-2017

five stars

still uasig and may be give you after week

Sumit - 07-02-2017

four stars

Good ordering again

Ironman - 06-02-2017

this from past few months and is feeling really great. This is the third bottle he is using

my dad is using this from past few months and is feeling really great. This is the third bottle he is using. But too expensive.

sujata - 03-02-2017

Nice packaging. Product also good

Nice packaging.Product also good.

chetan - 22-01-2017


Amazing indian product which gives competition to international brands

Abhimanyu Pande - 18-01-2017

Really a good choice. It can be compared to the Bragg ...

Really a good choice. It can be compared to the Bragg one, which is for Rs.770. I also hope the company is truthful in stating that the Apples used are organic but they don't want the certification as it would increase their cost.

Dr Vasim suthar - 17-01-2017

Totally sarisfied with the product

Superb quality

Neelima - 30-12-2016

Good ACV with mother

Relieves my throat ache. If used regularly prevents it too.

suresh - 10-12-2016



Gauri shankar - 09-12-2016

four stars

Good. Help to reduce body weight if you continuing it for few months. But someone must do exercises side by side to get the best result. I lost 10kgs in 3months by drinking it on regular basis in the morning as well as exercise side by side. Good product.

Kiran - 27-10-2016

Vinegar is best stored in glass containers

The vinegar was high quality and I liked the fact it was packaged in glass jars.

Rajesh verma - 22-10-2016

five stars

Best product

Srinivas Dasari - 21-10-2016

five stars

Good product, but expensive.

Mahamad Abdul Karim - 19-10-2016

five stars

The product is very good.

nilesh - 18-10-2016

five stars


Deepika - 08-10-2016

amazing product

Product was delivered in excellent condition m on time.i have tried a lot of brands of acv but nothing can beat dr patkars.it is the real concentrated form. As compared to other less expensive brands this one is worth paying for.

pranav - 04-10-2016

five stars

Nice quality

smita - 03-10-2016

five stars

After using ACV with mother for 2 weeks i lose 4 kgs weight and love this product and about to order one more

Rajeev Singh Paweria - 06-09-2016

five stars

very good product, worked for all stomach problems immediately. Just loved it.

Manoj Indulkar - 22-08-2016

Quality product

Quick well packed delivery in Mumbai. Comes in glass bottle - hence preferred over many other brands delivered in plastic PET bottles. Stock delivered is always of very recent manufacturing date. Comes with a printed booklet explaining benefits of ACV in case you are not familiar. Excellent quality.

Babu - 15-08-2016

five stars

Very good product

s k majumdar - 13-08-2016

five stars


meena - 13-08-2016

four stars


Sanjay Arwind - 01-08-2016

ACV,the wonder cure

Of many ACVs brands,this is top notch product,a bit expensive,but amazing taste of mother ACV...the packing by Dr.Patkar's is the best,as it comes in glass bottle to maintain its quality

niraj - 18-07-2016

five stars

Very good product

nitin jain - 17-07-2016

Good aid

Very good for digestive & acidity problems.

Abdul Maktedar - 06-07-2016

good product

Nicely packed and authentic product

Brijesh - 04-07-2016

Superb packing by Dr. Patkar's... Product is good..

Product is good..

kumar kundan - 03-07-2016

five stars


Pranesh Moorthi - 01-07-2016

four stars

Decent Product! Met my expectations completely.

suman - 14-06-2016

four stars

good indian product.

ANV - 06-06-2016

five stars


PCS - 23-05-2016

five stars

Excellent. Found as expected.

Sasha - 27-04-2016

five stars

I recommend this product to all.. my acidity has reduced and also no reflux anymore.

vishnu - 18-04-2016

good tonic

Very good tonic for health.I am taking daily in morning.Control my B.P.

srijee roy - 08-04-2016

five stars

Good quality

neetika bhasin - 06-04-2016

four stars

Good one

sonal - 02-04-2016

five stars

Good quality

SKC - 28-03-2016

Seems like excellent apple cider vinegar

Seems like excellent apple cider vinegar, especially for consuming. Impressed with what seems like attention to detail and quality (note detailed literature, glass bottle). Expensive though, price should be brought down.

P.Venkatadas. - 08-03-2016

AVC,aproduct you can rely on for your health problems.

I have used the product since last one month and have experienced a lot of improvement with my stomach problems,especially bowel syndrome,problem plus my belly also has also considerably reduced,of course i was taking homeopathy and home remedies for IBS problem. AVC helped in hastening the cure. After my experience, I recommended the product to many of relatives and friends,who have already procured the product from dr.patkars.com and are using it. I had sent an email to Dr. Patkar but it bounced back. Thank you Dr. Patkar's.

BuzzMadhur - 08-02-2016

best one

This is the best Apple Cider I have used so far.